We produce marketing videos that plant a seed of connection.

Whether it's an upscale sustainable restaurant, a regenerative farming skills center, promoting STEM fields for women or exploring the benefits of virtual reality therapy, our videos create an emotional impact by combining a compelling story with impactful music.       

Full Production and Production Assistance  

      CLIENT: JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund 

Objective: Create a fundraising video that is emotionally compelling and tells the honest story of a woman living with Type 1 Diabetes. This video helped raise over $100,000 at JDRF's Gala.  

Take Root Productions' Role
Pre-Production, Production, Post Production

Client Testimonial: "It's beautiful! I'm touched by your work and talents and am so glad you were available for this special project. Thank you, thank you, thank you, it looks wonderful. - Katie Craft, Advocate and Activist for JDRF

      CLIENT: Encuentro

Objective: Create a promotional short of Encuentro's atmosphere that previews Chef Lacey's organic vegan cuisine and biodynamic wines. 

Take Root Productions' Role
Pre-Production, Production, Post Production

Client Testimonial: "Wow! Beautiful video, very touching and thoughtful! I love it!" - Chef Lacey Cher, Owner of Encuentro  

      CLIENTNSBE and Boeing  

Objective: Mixer and power panel encouraging young women to pursue STEM fields with Hidden Figures actress Karan Kendrick. Inspirational short promo of speaker and event highlights. 

Take Root Productions' Role
Post Production

CLIENTImpact Hub Oakland

Objective: Produce an evergreen short of Impact Hub Oakland's Omi Gallery interviewing co-working member Angela Wellman about the magic of the community space and the Black Panther Party exhibit. 

Take Root Productions' Role
Pre-Production, Production, Post Production

Client Testimonial: "The video is great and exemplifies our brand, thank you!" - Ashara Ekundayo, Co-Founder Impact Hub Oakland 

CLIENT: Girls in Tech

Objective: Edit challenging footage of the Girls in Tech fundraiser into a short promo that captures the excitement and patronage of the evening's auction.      

Take Root Productions' Role
All Post Production

Client Testimonial: "This video is fantastic! I'm happy with it. We'd absolutely love to work with you again!" - Adriana Gascoigne, CEO of Girls in Tech

      CLIENTPeace in the Park 

Objective: Edit provided footage into an inspirational promo, showcasing speakers, musicians, volunteers and attendee testimonials.    

Take Root Productions' Role
All Post Production

Client Testimonial: "Fabulous work!! You have an unlimited heart with no trace of limits. May your work inspire millions to realize their highest self and serve the Source" - Janardhan Chodagam, Project Manager, Peace in the Park

CLIENTThe Body is Not an Apology  

Objective: Edit existing grassroots footage to launch the #nobodiesinvisible campaign, promoting radical self love to gain more supporting subscribers.

Take Root Productions' Role
All Post Production

Client Testimonial: " I really love it. It has the feel I was going for. The music is great and better than any of the samples we received. Excited to roll it out!" - Sonya Renee Taylor, Founder and Radical Exec. Officer at The Body is Not an Apology

      CLIENTPermaculture Skills Center  

Objective: Introduce a permaculture based regenerative farming training program. 

Take Root Productions' Role
Pre-Production, Production, Post Production

      CLIENT: kindVR

Objective: Learn how kindVR's innovative virtual reality therapy is helping sickle cell patients at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland.

Take Root Productions' Role
Production Assistant: Audio monitoring, b cam, photography services. 

      CLIENT: Daily Motion

Objective: Fascinating interviews, "Profiles of Pop Culture Pioneers" for Dailymotion's series, "That Was Me".

Take Root Productions' Role
Production Assistant: Audio monitoring, transportation, b cam.